Peyman Energy Nafis

Products and Services

Solar PV System

EPC Contractor of Solar PV System

Supplier of Charge Controller, Solar Inverter, Solar Solar panel, Solar Charge Controller, Solar Inverter, Solar Batteries

Low Consumption Equipment

LED Lights, LED Bulbs, Hybrid Air Conditionnairs, Kit for Normal ACs

  • Solar Pump

We are Representative of Lorentz Solar Pumps

  • Solar Water Maker

We are cooperating with Trunz Water Makers

  • Special Paints

We are cooperating with Nano Axon, producer of speacial paints to reflect sun shines from outer surfaces and therefore, decreasing internal tempreture of houses, shelters and also can use as drain insulation on roofs and swimming pools.

  • Geo Membranes

PVC Membranes suitable for insulation

Concrete FP

  • Agriculture

Consultancy and Execution of different Watering Methods suitable according with products and location.

Sales of NANO Fertilizers, Transplants and Etc.

Exporting agricultural products