Peyman Energy Nafis

Peyman Energy Nafis Company has been established on 2008 active in Renewable Energy field as designer and system integrator of the Solar power system and also supplier of relevant equipment/components.

As a summary, our core activities are:

Ø  Energy Inspection & Evaluating Inspection and consumption evaluating of current system, eliminating faults and finally design and suggestion of a new system.

Ø  Solar / Wind Electrical power Supply Design, Installation and support of on grid(Connected to local grid) and off grid(Disconnected from local grid) systems using solar panels or wind turbines as power generators or in a hybrid scheme.

Ø  Low-Consumption equipment

Ø  Solar water maker, Making potable water by using mobile and container units of TRUNZ water treatments system with three levels of filtration, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis in different capacities.

Ø  Solar Pumps, manufactured by Lorentz company can be connected easily to solar panels and be applied in circulating and pressuring systems.

Ø  Insulating, Heat, Corrosion, rain and humidity insulation through using special pain made by Nano Axons and PVC membranes, made by Kia Pars Layeh company.

Ø  Agriculture, In expansion of our field of activities, we are looking to Agriculture industries, to provide services such as:

-       Designing and executing suitable watering methods for farms

-       Supplying fertilizers, Chemicals and seeds

-       Export our own farming productions, such as Lettuce to Europe and CIS countries